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Aaron Stempien established Accession Projects as an online platform for introducing contemporary art to new audiences. Focused on limited-editions, AP assists both established and aspiring collectors in acquiring new artworks.

Based in Minneapolis and working closely with artists and studios across the country, Aaron utilizes his wide-ranging knowledge of contemporary art to thoughtfully select pieces for display on AccessionProjects.com. Undergirded by a strong network of art world professionals, AP also provides framing, collection management, and installation services to assist our clients in displaying and caring for their precious collections.


Founder Aaron Stempien studied printmaking and art history at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, after which he relocated to New York City. He completed internships at museums of great international influence, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum and the New-York Historical Society before earning a M.A. in art history from the City University of New York. To prepare himself for art world operations, he supplemented his study with courses in archives management and the preservation of cultural materials. Aaron then dedicated over a decade of his career to positions with acclaimed NYC-based contemporary art institutions like Peter Blum Gallery and Marian Goodman Gallery. Aaron relocated to Minneapolis in 2019 and launched Accession Projects in 2020.

Accession Projects aims to provide all collectors with access to art and can offer interest-free payment plans to help realize acquisitions. For more information about the artists and our services, please contact: info@accessionprojects.com.